The Relationship between Diet and Skin

The Relationship between Diet and Skin

Diet and skin are that power couple we can’t stop talking about and we wanted to give you a deeper understanding on how to get started if you’re not one of us yet.

We asked Cate Lilja nutritional, herbal, and complementary medicine scientist, Cate is also the co-founder of OPTY.NC on her hacks to smash that power couple off. I’m sure you’re gonna learn a few things from her, we indeed did it!

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Start with the gut

When we look at the health of our skin, it’s common to manage any imperfections, be it pimples, pigmentation or fine lines with a superficial approach, such as make-up. However, treating the cause of our symptoms, such as looking at the health of our gut, may actually resolve many of our skin woes and have long term overall positive benefits.

When it comes to eating for your skin, start by feeding your gut and microbiome. The best way to do this is by eating plenty of pre and probiotic foods. These will help to maintain a healthy gut and microbiome that keeps inflammation in your gut in check and ensures your digestion is running smoothly.

Of course, if you’re always on the go it’ll be easier to supplement your daily intake with pre or probiotics.
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