Award-winning ingestible beauty and wellness brand with optimised, multi-benefit formulations that nourish and visibly improve your skin, gut, hair, and nails whilst boosting your immunity, all from the inside out.


OPTY [op - ty] best possible; most desirable; optimal, optimum; optimized

NC [nutri - cosmetics] ingestible supplements that complement topical skincare products to create a 360 degree approach to radiant skin, stronger hair and nails, and overall health; providing the nutrients required to maintain a healthy rate of skin renewal, collagen synthesis and protect skin from environmental stressors that cause premature aging

  • More than skin deep.

We say deep because we know after decades of research and development in the field of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and health foods that healthy, radiant skin really is more than skin deep - it actually starts in your gut.


Optimal skin vitality comes from optimising your health from within. The gut is at the centre of this, and a well-functioning gut is integral to ensuring optimal skin health.

Why you should trust your gut

  • Led by innovation.

Science moves fast.


OPTY.NC is committed to continuously enhancing our unique proprietary formulations in line with the latest scientific advances, ensuring the most effective results for you.


We meticulously source powerful natural ingredients selected for their optimal performance, bioavailability, and ethical production.

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  • Driven by efficacy.

Our team of microbiologists, food scientists, naturopaths and nutritionists draw on their decades of experience to create synergistic, holistic formulations that deliver on our claims.


Co-founder and Nutritional Scientist, Cate Lilja, sources all ingredients and creates our powerful proprietary formulations, guaranteeing optimal wellness from inside out.

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  • Women Founded. Women Led.

Having each spent decades working for some of the largest health and beauty companies in the world, Cate Lilja and Karissa Mather developed their own natural, food-based, ingestible beauty range – something that truly reflected their sustainable values and desire to empower people with scientifically backed results.

– Cate Lilja, co-founder

“We hope people start to recognize that what’s going on inside is reflected outside"

Karissa Mather

Karissa’s interest in wellness is a lifelong passion. A family history of bowel cancer made gut health a priority from an early age – long before it was a popular wellness topic.

Karissa’s career in marketing spans more than 20 years. She spent the first chapter working in New York for some of the most famous names in beauty including Estée Lauder and MAC.

While living in NYC, she began researching the connection between gut and skin health, and as her interest in the subject deepened, so too did her passion for wellness and a more holistic approach to feeling good.

“Skin health is a long-term goal and it starts in your gut,” Karissa says. “It’s okay to use external skincare and cosmetics, but it’s important to realise whatever we’re trying to mask is an indication of our overall health. That’s why ingestible beauty is really changing the way we think about skincare.”

Cate Lilja

Natural health has been an integral part of Cate’s personal and professional life since her 20's.

Cate turned to natural therapies to help restore strength and vitality while suffering from adrenal burnout and a seriously depressed immune system. This prompted her to switch from studying a Biomedical Science degree to Applied Science, majoring in Naturopathic Studies.

“This gave me a solid grounding in the importance of gut health and the power of nutrition and herbal medicines to affect real, meaningful change within the gut and body,” Cate says.

She proceeded working in product development, creating supplements and ingestibles within the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and health food sectors for 15 years, blending the intelligence of nature with scientific innovation.

“There have been so many exciting milestones along the way but more than anything my focus has been on helping people feel well.”