The Empowered Wellness Journey

The Empowered Wellness Journey

This month, we observed World Health Day. The theme "My health, my right" holds profound significance at OPTY and resonates deeply within our global community.

"My health, my right" encapsulates a core principle: every individual possesses the inherent entitlement to access quality healthcare, education, information, and essential services key to their well-being. It emphasizes that health is not a privilege for a select few but a universal right that should be available to all without discrimination or barriers.

This theme advocates for empowerment, autonomy, and dignity in healthcare, affirming that every person has the autonomy to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. It highlights the importance of policies, laws, and practices that safeguard and promote this fundamental right, aiming towards a world where everyone can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

However, despite the constitutions of over 140 countries recognizing health as a fundamental human right, millions worldwide still face barriers to accessing essential health services. This stark reality serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to advocate for equitable healthcare access for all, address disparities, and ensure that no one is left behind in the pursuit of well-being.


Prioritize Your Health

At OPTY, we are not just a wellness brand; we are a movement dedicated to empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being. Our core values revolve around transparency, education, and holistic solutions rooted in proven science. As we reflect on this year's World Health Day theme, we're reminded of our commitment to our community and to driving change on a larger scale.


Transparency: Unveiling the Truth Behind Wellness

Transparency lies at the heart of everything we do at OPTY. We provide our customers with complete transparency regarding our products, ingredients, packaging and manufacturing processes. We acknowledge there is constant need for open communication in these areas as we advance with science and improve with technology and sustainability efforts. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you can trust the quality and integrity of each ingredient, formulation, and protocol you incorporate into your wellness routine.

When selecting ingestible beauty or wellness supplements, it's crucial to read product labels and nutritional panels. Understanding the ingredients you're ingesting and "why" is essential for making informed choices about the products you purchase and the claims those products are making. Let's be honest, there are a lot of subpar products and misleading claims out there. Researching a brand's website can provide valuable insights into those ingredients used, where they are sourced, the dosage incorporated and the overall science behind the products claims.

Did you know our products are naturopathically crafted in-house using clean, sustainable ingredients sourced from local, science-driven, and certified suppliers? Even more importantly, we include these ingredients at clinically trialed, proven dosages to ensure efficacy. We call this the "no confetti" policy. In addition, we prioritize sourcing 90% of our products locally in Australia and utilise certified sustainable marine collagen from MSC fisheries in clean Atlantic waters.

Our comprehensive ingredient list, including sources and dosages, can be explored on our website or by clicking here



Education: Empowering Through Knowledge

At OPTY, our core belief is that education is the key to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health and the solutions they seek. Understanding the intricate connections between skin health, inner wellness, nutrition, and lifestyle gives you the power to identify the root causes of your wellness concerns. We're committed to demystifying the science behind ingestible beauty and wellness solutions, guiding you to make choices that resonate with your personal needs.

Choosing products from brands that value education over sales can profoundly impact the customers experience and health outcomes. It’s our mission to provide you with insights and explanations of scientific concepts, rather than just selling you the latest trend. With a world of products at your fingertips, we understand how vital it is that you find what truly works for you. An educated choice is more than a purchase—it’s an investment in your long-term satisfaction and well-being.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive educational tools and resources enables individuals to embark on their skin wellness journey confidently. From informative articles, detailed ingredient breakdowns, bespoke formulations, personalized product recommendations, to timelines of expected benefits, we equip individuals with the knowledge necessary to make informed, autonomous decisions about their health.


Our Inside Scoop Journal is a repository of the latest updates and scientific insights, ensuring that our customers stay on top of new methodology, research, and expert opinions. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and informed decision-making, we empower individuals to navigate their health journey with clarity and conviction.


Holistic Solutions: Nourishment from the Inside Out

We recognize that attaining optimal skin vitality and inner wellness requires more than one ingredient or an intricate 10-step routine. At OPTY, we distinguish ourselves in a market flooded with ingestible beauty products by prioritizing a gut-first approach and tackling underlying causes that may not be immediately visible on the surface.

Amidst an oversaturated and underperforming market, our products offer holistic solutions that address the root issues and acknowledge the interconnectedness of various aspects of our well-being, from skincare and gut health to nutrition and stress management.

Our award-winning formulations are designed to deliver multiple benefits, focusing on harmonizing and supporting the intricate functions of your digestive, immune, and nervous systems. By prioritizing balance within your body, our products facilitate good cellular turnover and yield visible improvements in your skin, hair, and nails, allowing you to feel and see the results of your wellness journey.

At OPTY, we are committed to supporting your overall well-being and promoting harmony within your body. Explore our Feed Your Skin Journal for many recipes and nutritional insights aimed at nourishing your skin, gut, immune, and nervous systems from the inside out. 



Starting your Journey with OPTY 

One way we empower our community is through personalized solutions tailored to individual needs. Our skin and gut health quizzes, developed in collaboration with naturopaths and our co-founder and nutritional scientist, ensure that every product recommendation aligns precisely with your wellness goals. 


Tailored Recommendations

Recognizing that skincare is not one size fits all and that every individual's health needs are unique, we offer tailored recommendations to address diverse concerns: 


  • For depleted inner and outer health, kickstart your journey with our Cellular Renew Multi or our 28-day Gut + Skin Reset Protocol.


  • If you already possess a solid foundation of skin, gut, and inner wellness, explore our Ultimate Elixirs, which are specifically created for age and stage of life needs and to further enhance your skin and well-being.


  • Our Collagen Renew and Ingestible Serums offer specialized solutions for those seeking targeted skin-specific support.


We highly recommend taking our Skin Optimisation and Gut Health Quizzes to pinpoint the best product fit for your specific needs. It only takes 2-3 minutes to answer the questions, and your results are promptly emailed to you, accompanied by product recommendations and a 15% discount code. 

You can take our quizzes using these links: 



Transformative Results

Embarking on a journey toward better skin and overall health encompasses taking the right product and being consistent over time to experience tangible results. While supplements aren't an instant fix, their cumulative effects can yield remarkable outcomes over time. It also depends on the health baseline you are starting at. Let's explore this more. 

The cells lining your gut wall regenerate every 5 - 7 days. So, when you start taking probiotics to support your gut health, results can be felt in the first week. The knock-on effect is that by correcting any imbalances in your gut, your skin can reap rewards. But it's important to remember that your skin cells take four weeks to regenerate completely, so seeing changes in your skin after you start supplementing can take a little longer. The good news is that supplements that improve hydration and skin barrier function can get to work right away - nutrients like hyaluronic acid, some probiotics, and ceramides can help your skin improve moisture retention within two weeks.

Patience is key for those addressing congested, stressed, or disrupted skin with our Serums. For at least three months, supporting gut health can effectively address specific skin concerns.

With OPTY products seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, you can expect the following timeline of results during your journey:


  • 2 Weeks: Experience digestive relief and reduced bloating as your gut health improves.
  • 4 Weeks: Feel the benefits of a boosted immune system, a calmer nervous system, and increased energy levels.
  • 8-12 Weeks: See visible improvements in skin hydration, soothing and plumping, reflecting inner vitality and balance.
  • 12-24 Weeks: Experience significant improvements to overall health and skin, particularly for individuals starting from a depleted state or with significant skin-related issues such as eczema or psoriasis.



My Health, My Right: A Call to Action

It’s key for businesses and individuals alike to continue to engage in research, educate ourselves, and dispel misinformation, ensuring that everyone has the knowledge and resources needed to prioritize their well-being.

At OPTY, we proudly champion this cause, standing at the forefront of the movement to empower individuals worldwide. While we acknowledge that our products are not for everyone or at an assessable price point due to our unwavering commitment to using the highest quality ingredients at proven dosages, we strive to ensure that the science, education, and insights we provide are accessible to all.

Our mission goes beyond merely offering products; we are committed to educating individuals on holistic solutions and driving positive change on a global scale. Everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthier, happier life, and we invite you to take the first step towards achieving that goal today.

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