Why the Ultimate - Complete Skin Food Elixir™ Works

Why the Ultimate - Complete Skin Food Elixir™ Works

“It’s a miracle for good skin!”

That’s a real comment from OPTY.NC customer Mark, who enjoys and benefits from our Ultimate 1.0 – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ each day. His testimonial reflects what many OPTY.NC users are reporting – that the product not only works, but works wonders for their skin, gut and overall wellbeing.

Read more testimonials here. We’re not surprised, because we assiduously formulated our Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ to produce real results. Of course we are always truly heartened to hear how our product is helping so many people look and feel great. Want to know why it’s so effective? 

Ultimate Skin Food Elixir

Achieving healthy, radiant skin is quite complex but after two years of diligently researching and developing our Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™, we have a deep understanding of what it takes.

We say deep because we know after decades of research and development in the field of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and health foods that radiant skin really is more than skin deep – it actually starts in your gut.

“Your skin is like a mirror to your internal health, says Cate Lilja, OPTY.NC Co-Founder and Head of Product, Research & Development. “I hope people start to recognise that what’s going on inside is reflected outside.”

You can use the best topical skincare, but if your skin is not supported through a well-functioning gut and overall internal wellness, it will not respond with the healthy radiance we all desire.  

Through our research, we know it’s integral that four key factors function well for skin to look and feel its best. We formulated our Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ to address each requirement: 

Four pillars of skin health

A healthy, balanced gut with a thriving microbiome for optimal nutrient absorption to the skin

This is the most important aspect and the foundation for the following three elements of optimal skin health. Without good gut health, the health of your skin is ultimately compromised. Read more here. The Ultimate - Complete Skin Food Elixir supports microbiome balance through GutRenew OptiBlend™: a meticulous mix of pre and probiotics. (Bonus: you can also expect improved digestion with less bloating and more predictable bowel movements.)

Optimal collagen production to keep skin firm, smooth and hydrated 

We include 10,000mg of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified marine collagen peptides to support skin’s own production of better-quality collagen and elastin. (More about our collagen below.)

Protection against free radical damage to prevent visible signs of ageing and support nutrient delivery to the deep layers of the skin

The SkinProtect BioBlend™ in our formula is a carefully formulated combination of botanical antioxidants including chemical-free, cold-pressed grapeseed extract and lycopene from tomato extract to protect skin against oxidative stress. 

Good overall nutrition to encourage new collagen formation and tissue repair

Our SkinFood OptiBlend™ contains essential nutrients that encourage healthy skin, hair and nails and also support increased immunity and energy. (More about this blend below.)

Whilst there are numerous ingestible beauty products available to address each of these needs individually, OPTY.NC is distinct in that our Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ provides all four benefits in one simple, delicious daily drink.

This means you don’t have to purchase multiple products to get the same compelling results. Effective, easy-to-use and good value. That’s why we call it Intelligent Skin Health. 

OPTY.NC user Gayle expresses it well: “I LOVE this supplement so much! After trying it and noticing an improvement in my skin tone within just a few days, I knew I was hooked! I have compared it to other collagen supplements and although it is one of the most expensive ones, it has superior ingredients and higher levels of goodness! Overall, it works out more affordable to buy OPTY.NC than buying multiple, lower priced products to give your body the same thing. My hair, skin and nails all say ‘thank you’ for their new found glow and my gut is very grateful for the boost of goodness too.”

The Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ is becoming known as the gold standard of ingestible beauty. Why? People are experiencing results.


OPTY.NC owes its honest reputation to our exceptional ingredients. When we say we’ve been meticulous, we mean meticulous with our formulation. We are so deeply committed to ensuring each ingredient in our formula is effective, natural, clean and kind that we made our tagline: Pure. Potent. Proven. We mean it: 


Our Complete Skin Food Elixir is made completely from the highest-quality, natural, nutrient-dense food ingredients scientifically proven to work. Let’s take some examples:

The collagen in our Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ comes from MSC Certified marine collagen peptides from deep sea cod, harvested from the pristine North Atlantic Ocean. This ensures it is low in mercury and pollutants while also being sustainably and ethically harvested.

Our collagen contains over 95 per cent pure marine collagen peptides with low molecular weight. This is important because low molecular weight particles are more bioavailable to the body, meaning they are easily digested and utilised for maximum efficacy. Plus, unlike the particles in other forms of collagen (e.g. bovine or porcine), marine collagen better matches that of our own, the type 1 human collagen produced in our skin, this also makes it more effective. Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ has the highest serve of collagen on the market. Good to know, considering the more high-quality collagen you consume, the better the results. 

The ingredients in our SkinFood OptiBlend™ have also been specifically chosen for their superior bioavailablity. This mix of potent, plant-based vitamins and minerals including provitamin A, B complex vitamins, vitamin C, silica and anthocyanins provide all the elements to support healthy skin, hair and nails while boosting gut health and immunity.

The precious vitamins and minerals in our formula are derived from the richest-known sources including: sea buckthorn juice, purple carrot juice, spouted quinoa and brown rice hulls. Each of these ingredients are organic, low-temperature dried and spouted to maximally preserve their health-promoting virtues.

Importantly, we are guided by our strict Ethical Sourcing Policy, meaning we exclusively select ethically and sustainably produced ingredients. This an important aspect of the purity of our formula – our ingredients are good for your body, while doing no harm to the planet or people involved in their production. We regularly review every step of our production process to ensure the highest environmental and ethical standards.

“We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem,” says Karissa Mather, OPTY.NC Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Sales, Distribution & Sustainability. Both Karissa and Cate uphold this ethos, applying it not only in business but in everyday life.


The premium, nutrient dense food ingredients in our Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™ are not only scientifically-proven effective, they’re also included in human-clinically-trialled dosages. Each of the active, natural, food ingredients is incorporated in amounts that will actually influence the health of your gut and skin, not just promise to do so! Read more about the evidence behind our ingredients here.


Only scientifically proven, natural food ingredients are used in our products. We have a strict “no confetti formulas” policy stipulating that each ingredient is included intentionally at the dose required to give you noticeable results, as demonstrated through human clinical trials. No fillers, no fakes. 

We’ve gone to great depths to bring you a simple, intelligent skin health solution: A delicious daily drink that delivers what it promises. When you use Ultimate – Complete Skin Food Elixir™, you’re only putting highly-effective, clean and kind ingredients into your body to improve your gut health, skin and general wellbeing.

Let’s drink to that!

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