A Chat with Scale Investors

A Chat with Scale Investors

Karissa Mather and Cate Lilja, Co-founders, talk to Samar Mcheileh from Scale Investors about their journey starting up Optima Nutricosmetics (OPTY.NC). Cate and Karissa share more about themselves, the brand, why OPTY is so unique and their mission to empower people to feel and look their best.

Start-up Journey of OPTY.NC 


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Founded by visionary women in 2013, Scale Investors is bridging the entrepreneurial investment gender-gap. Our network provides sophisticated angel investors access to bolster innovative, gender-diverse teams in early stage startups. We are committed to investing in women at the pre-seed and seed stage. Our community is grounded in collaboration alongside our experienced team, to achieve our ultimate mission to lead the future of diverse investment. 

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