Navigating Startup Growth with OPTY.NC

Founder of Optima Nutricosmetics

Featured on Pop Quiz Monday

Starting a business is exhilarating, but it can also be one of the most challenging things you'll ever do. The journey comes with its share of ups and downs, and sometimes it can feel like the odds are against you. But being part of a start-up also means you get to be involved in something you're passionate about, and that can make all the difference.

Discover the inspiring journey of OPTY.NC co-founder, Karissa Mather, as she shares her experience transitioning from corporate to start-up in an exciting blog post with Pop Quiz, Monday. 

Join her as she discusses her background in the beauty, health, and wellness industry, her passion for gut health, and what motivated her to become an entrepreneur including a family history of bowel cancer and a shared desire to create a multi-dimensional, all-natural product with friend Cate Lilja. 


"Ingestible beauty really is changing the way people think about skincare.  As science prevails and the evidence around the connection between gut and skin health becomes more understood and mainstream, people are realising what’s going on on the outside is a direct indication of their overall health. Now is the time to embrace ingestible beauty as an essential part of a skin health regime to optimise clients results."


Karissa shares her insightful reflections and survival tips for the exciting yet challenging journey of start-up business.

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Pop Quiz x OPTY interview

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