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Marine collagen peptides in ingestible beauty powder

OPTY.NC featured in The Wayward

Introducing OPTY.NC - the trailblazers who have brought an all-in-one marine collagen powder to the market! Packed with multiple beauty and wellness benefits for your skin, gut, hair, nails, and immune system, this Ultimate Elixir has been expertly crafted and proven to be effective. Plus, it boasts the highest serve of marine collagen peptides you can find in the market. Get ready to glow from the inside out with OPTY.NC's game-changing product.


OPTY highest serve collagen featured in The Wayward


That's right, they have the highest clinically trialled effective dose of collagen (10,000mg) – and the highest serving size of it – on the market. And it’s MSC certified sustainable marine collagen at that. But that's not all that sets them apart from the other collagen supplements. 

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Ultimate skin food drink


OPTY.NC Ultimate Elixir is no ordinary collagen drink.

Using only premium, natural ingredients, ethically sourced from across the globe to create a unique, four-in-one product backed by nutritional science this delicious elixir supports:

+ collagen formation and skin hydration

+ skin, hair and nail health

+ digestive support and gut microbiome balance

+ immune system health

It contains 10,000 mg of marine collagen peptides, the highest tested serve for optimal skin benefits, plus live biotic cultures, and essential nutrients including vitamin C, B complex vitamins, and biotin to support universal skin health.

Containing premium natural ingredients ethically sourced from around the globe:

  • Live biotic cultures form part of diverse gut microbiome
  • Certified sustainable marine collagen peptides, 10,000 mg
  • Botanically sourced antioxidants, to help protect cells from oxidative stress
  • Essential nutrients for skin and hair: Biotin, Niacin and Vitamin A

Learn more about OPTY.NC's Ultimate Range


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