A Year in Review: 2022 Founder's Note

A Year in Review: 2022 Founder's Note

As the new year unfolds, it's important to look back at the milestones and accomplishments of the past year. For OPTY.NC, 2021 was a year filled with growth, expansion, and exciting developments. As we look forward to 2022 we reflect on these achievements and share our plans for the future with you.


winner beauty shortlist wellbeing award
transitioning names to OPTY.NC
within Australia and entering UK market
conserved 600 scoops with savings donated to Billion Tree Project
OPTY.NC Ultimate


new elixirs, boosters & targeted solutions
based on consumer driven needs
elevated branding and visuals
updated, user-friendly website
within Australia, UK, NL and entering US
become trusted authority for gut-skin health solutions
personal communication and training support for customers and retailers


We sincerely thank you for your incredible support throughout 2021. Knowing our Ultimate Elixir has helped so many loyal customers attain optimal gut and skin health is truly heartening. These success stories, along with the invaluable feedback we receive, have inspired the exciting new products we will reveal to you this year. True to our values, all additions to the range will incorporate premium quality, food-based ingredients in clinically trialed dosages for notable results.

In other exciting developments, OPTY.NC will evolve aesthetically this year, to reflect our growth as a global brand thanks to our evolution within Australia and expansion to international markets. You’ll be among the first to see these exciting changes, before we unveil more on our social platforms.

We cannot wait to continue our gut and skin health journey with you throughout 2022. We love hearing from you. Please connect with us directly at info@optync.com to share your stories and insights. We promise to respond personally.

Wishing you happy tummies, vibrant skin, and optimal wellness in 2022,



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can your products be ordered and shipped to the US?

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