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Skin & Gut Vegan Wellness Elixir

Ultimate 1.0 Vegan

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An all-in-one vegan elixir combining 10 powerful science-backed ingredients in proven active dosages, expertly formulated to meet the demands of an active and social lifestyle, and tailored to specific concerns of those 18-30 years old looking to optimize their inner well-being and outer skin, hair, and nails.

Watermelon flavour powdered elixir  |  245 g |  28 days supply

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What's inside?

10 nutrient-dense, science-backed ingredients, in active dosages - the equivalent of four powerful health products with a multitude of benefits in one great-tasting daily dose.

Combining pre, pro and postbiotics, hyaluronic acid, adaptogens and essential skin-enhancing antioxidants and nutrients, in clinically trialed dosages and proprietary formulations.

What it will do for you

Benefits you can see and feel, your daily dose of wellness proven to:

1. Optimise gut microbiome, digestive and detoxification systems
2. Promote a dewy, hydrated, bright and clear complexion, promote skin barrier.
3. Support cellular health for strong hair and nails, healthy metabolism and immune health
4. Adaptogenic stress support to boost energy, and support mood and adrenal health

Who it benefits

Expertly designed to meet the wellness-specific concerns of 18 – 30 year old’s. Ultimate 1.0 Vegan meets the demands of an active, social lifestyle to boost overall wellness from the inside out.

Ultimate 1.0 Vegan encompasses all of your skin, hair and nail essentials with the added benefits of supported gut, adrenal and liver health.

How it works

This multi-benefit formulation begins with the foundation of vibrant, healthy skin – the gut. It doesn’t stop there – the synergistic formula targets four key contributing factors to vibrant skin and overall wellness:

1. Gut & Immune Health
2. Skin Health & Protection
3. Cellular, Metabolic & Hormonal Healthy
4. Nervous System, Mood & Cognitive Health

Key Ingredients

+ GutProtect OptyBiotics (pre, pro and post biotics) promote healthy microbiome, digestion and detoxification systems. Promote skin hydration and clarity.
+ SkinDew OptyBlend (hyaluronic acid and antioxidant SOD) boosts skin hydration and skin barrier, and is skin plumping and smoothing
+ SkinBright OptyBlend (vitamin c, zinc and silica) skin brightening, supports collagen and elastin renewal, protects skin from free radical damage and supports wound healing and tissue repair
+ Adapt OptyBlend (magnesium, holy basil tulsi leaf and silver ear mushroom) support immune system health, increase energy and stress resistance, support cognition and nervous system health and support mood and sleep

    Full ingredient & nutrition information

    Natural Ingredients

    Highest Quality, Nutrient Dense

    Naturopath Formulated

    Proprietary Blends

    Gut-Skin Connection

    Addressing the Root Cause

    Clinically Proven

    Ingredients & Results

    Ages 18 - 30

    Suits Active Lifestyle

    Vegan Friendly

    No Animal Products

    Allergen Free

    No Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Egg

    The Ultimate OptyBlends:

    – the powerful proprietary blends behind the benefits.

    • GutProtect OptyBiotic™

      GutProtect OptyBiotic™

      + A powerful and complete gut food: synbiotic blend of pre, pro and postbiotics to promote healthy gut and skin barrier, and clear hydrated skin

      + Promote healthy microbiome: Acacia gum increases SCFA producing bacteria F. prau and bifidobacterim levels in the gut

      + Promote clear skin: Bacillus coagulans reduced the number of whiteheads or blackheads in 72% of study subjects

      + Support skin barrier and hydration: Posbiotic blend clinically proven to promote collagen production and improve skin hydration, texture and skin barrier function

    • SkinDew OptyBlend™

      SkinDew OptyBlend™

      + Hydrate from within: Hyaluronic acid works to hold moisture in the dermis. Clinical studies have shown that supplementation with hyaluronic acid results in:
      - significant increase of skin moisture;
      - increase in skin pH;
      - improvement in age related changes in skin.

      + Broad spectrum antioxidant protection: SOD from propriety cantaloupe melon extract has been shown in clinical trials to:
      - protect skin against external oxidative stressors such as UV exposure
      - improve physical and mental fatigue, as well as cognition
      - improve sleep, irritability, concentration and fatigue

    • SkinBright OptyBlend™

      SkinBright OptyBlend™

      + Skin brightening: vitamin C brightens the complexion, is essential for new collagen formation and protects the skin from free radical damage

      + Support immune health: zinc and vitamin C support immune system health, wound healing and skin cellular turnover

      + Boost hair, nail health and strength: silica increases hair follicle shaft diameter by up to 14%, and reduces brittleness of hair and nails

    • Adapt OptyBlend™

      Adapt OptyBlend™

      + Essential all-natural nutrient-dense skin foods. Bioavailable and sustainably sourced nutrients to allow your skin, hair and nails to thrive

      + Bioavailable: Patented quinoa B vitamin extract shows 400x greater bioavailability compared with it's synthetic alternatives

      + Support skin and immunity: Vitamin C is essential for new collagen formation, it also increases antioxidant activity in the skin by up to 37%

      + Boost hair, nail health and strength: Silica increases hair follicle shaft diameter by up to 14%, and reduces brittleness of hair and nails

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